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He says she’s just like Obama; She says he’s a carpetbagger

CNN's Dana Bash speaks with incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and her challenger, Scott Brown, about their close race. »

Christie ‘tired’ of minimum wage debate

Gov. Chris Christie has had enough of all this talk about the minimum wage -- in fact, he's "tired" of it. »

Moms focus group: Washington doesn’t get me

For campaigns wanting to connect to the crucial vote of "Walmart moms" -- mothers with ages ranging from 29-54 who have shopped at the big-box store in the last month -- make sure your candidate is search engine optimized. »

Rand Paul to lay out four-pronged platform on foreign policy

For the first time since facing an onslaught of criticism this year over his foreign policy views, Sen. Rand Paul will spell out his comprehensive national security platform Thursday in remarks that his office bills as a major foreign policy speech. »

Alaska pol offends high school reeling from suicide

Rep. Don Young has never been known for mincing words, and but his comments Tuesday regarding suicide to an Alaska High School took the "breath away" from his audience. »


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