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Bill Clinton: ‘Extended involvement’ in Syria, but no land war

Former President Bill Clinton said Tuesday that although the conflict in Syria will mean "an extended involvement" for the United States, airstrikes in the region do not mean "a prolonged involvement in a land war." »

Obama: Syria strikes show ‘this is not America’s fight alone’

Noting that he had "made clear that America would act as part of a broad coalition," against ISIS, President Obama declared at the White House: "That's exactly what we've done." »

Hillary Clinton’s madcap media mob

If Hillary Clinton decides not to run for president -- and yes, that is still possible -- her return to the media lion's den might be a factor in her thinking. »

Hillary Clinton returns to Iowa; so is this a fresh start or deja vu?

"It's been seven years, and a lot has changed," Hillary Clinton said Sunday in her first visit to Iowa since the state dealt her presidential campaign a devastating body blow. »

This is what Hillary’s going to have to get used to

The Hambycast hits the Harkin Steak Fry and finds a huge media scrum already surrounding Hillary Clinton. »

Up close with Rick Perry’s Hail Mary

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, his eye on the White House, shows up at a South Carolina football game to woo local Republicans. »


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