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Exasperated Spicer tosses out salad dressing analogy to defend WH

An exasperated Sean Spicer on Tuesday colorfully downplayed questions about ties between President Donald Trump's associates and Russia, portraying a frenzied attempt to find connections where they don't exist. »

Hillary Clinton makes most political remarks since losing election

Hillary Clinton took the stage at a diversity conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, making her most political comments since losing the 2016 presidential election. »

Trump: US troops ‘fighting like never before’ in Iraq

President Donald Trump offered rare public remarks about Iraq Tuesday, declaring to a group of Senators gathered at the White House that the US is performing "very well" in the country, which remains besieged by violence. »

Ex-congressman Aaron Schock claims staffer dimed him out to the FBI

A former Illinois congressman charged in a federal spending scandal claims a staffer in his office secretly recorded him, stole thousands of emails and pilfered travel receipts -- all to help the FBI build its criminal case last year, according to court filings on Tuesday. »

Obama’s climate policies that Trump opposes

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order Tuesday that would curb the federal government's enforcement of climate regulations, a move that represents a sharp reversal from his predecessor's position. »

After health care failure, Plan B suddenly more appealing for Republicans

Republicans insisted they had no "Plan B" for their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. But a few days later, after crashing into what might be the new third rail of American politics, Republicans are talking publicly and privately about ... Plan B. »


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