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Jeb Bush talks 2016 run with donors

Jeb Bush was blitzed with questions Thursday about his presidential ambitions in a private session with top South Carolina donors and business leaders, multiple sources at the meeting told CNN. »

‘Rational fear’ and 5 other key moments from New Hampshire Senate debate

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen repeatedly accused Republican challenger Scott Brown of "fear-mongering" -- on Ebola, ISIS and more -- in the second debate of a New Hampshire race that's key to determining which party will control the Senate. »

Ebola, ‘fear-mongering’ dominate New Hampshire debate

Republican Scott Brown used the latest potential Ebola case -- this time, a doctor in New York -- to blast President Barack Obama's handling of the virus outbreak in a debate against New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Thursday night. »

Report: Government finds Monica Lewinsky was mistreated in affair investigation

A government report obtained by the Washington Post on Thursday states that government agents and lawyers mistreated Monica Lewinsky when they approached the former White House intern in January 1998 to get her to cooperate with an investigation into President Bill Clinton. »

Warren: Dems must “stand up and fight”

While an increasingly unpopular President Obama seems to be on a self-imposed Rose Garden strategy this election, one Democrat is in demand on the campaign trail: Sen. Elizabeth Warren. »

Hero dogs set on latest W.H. fence jumper

A man jumped over the White House fence on Wednesday night, but this time, the man barely made it onto the lawn before being taken down by a K-9 and quickly detained by Secret Service agents. »


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