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Boyz II Men star helps homeless Capitol worker


Presidential mashup: ‘America is …’

America is different things to different presidents. But they all seem to use that term - "America is." President Obama used it when he gave a moving speech in Selma, Alabama in April. What he said then sounds a lot different than what President Ronald Reagan said in his inaugural address, although both are probably accurate. »

Here’s whom the White House is sending to Freddie Gray’s funeral

The White House announced over the weekend it is sending three representatives to the Monday funeral for Freddie Gray, the Baltimore man who suffered fatal injuries to his spinal cord after being taken into a police van. »

Gay hotelier apologizes for hosting Ted Cruz

A gay businessman who hosted an event for Sen. Ted Cruz -- a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage -- is apologizing to the gay community for what he called a "terrible mistake." »

Loretta Lynch makes history

Loretta Lynch was sworn in as the new U.S. attorney general on Monday. »


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